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Optical Satellite Calibration and Inspection Services

Radiation calibration and MTF detection of high resolution optical remote sensing satellites by point light source array reflection.

Service Introduction

The point light source array set in the calibration field reflects the sunlight to the entrance pupil of the satellite camera, and performs on-orbit radiation calibration and MTF detection for the high-resolution optical remote sensing satellite sensor, thereby realizing the radiation performance and image quality of the optical remote sensing satellite remote sensing image. quality assessment. It can support optical remote sensing satellite sensor modulation transfer function measurement; and can support optical remote sensing satellite sensor absolute radiometric calibration.


Technical Parameters

Support optical remote sensing satellite sensor resolution range: panchromatic 0.5m to 1m; multi-spectral 2m to 4m;

Equipment pointing control accuracy: better than 0.1°;

with 11 levels of radiance;

Absolute radiometric calibration accuracy: better than 7% (radiance calibration);

Equivalent surface reflectance range: 0.2~0.8 surface reflectance;

On-orbit MTF measurement accuracy: better than 10%



Purchase point light source calibration service and fill in the parameters


satellite transit, point light source calibration equipment work


users provide optical satellite transit images


Emposat submits data processing reports



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