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Laser Satellite Calibration and Inspection Service

Geometric calibration and accuracy verification for satellite laser altimetry payload

Service Introduction

The geometric calibration of spaceborne laser mainly detects the laser signal emitted by the satellite to the surface through the calibration field, accurately obtains the position of the laser spot, detects the energy distribution of the laser spot, and calibrates the installation of the laser operating in space and the energy distribution of the emitted laser in order to correct the laser measurement data obtained on the satellite.


Technical Parameters

Compatible with joint calibration of 1064nm and 532nm lidar;

Position calibration accuracy of laser footprint spot: better than 2m;

The device terminal has an effective quantization level of 16 bits;

Laser altimeter calibration accuracy: better than 0.05m;

Time synchronization error of laser receiving signal: better than 0.1ms;




Purchase spaceborne laser geometric calibration service and fill in the parameters


satellite transit, laser geometric calibration equipment work


user provides optical satellite transit images


Emposat submits data processing report



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