To provide global satellite users with highly reliable, short-cycle, low-cost ground system products, as well as station survey, system integration, operation and maintenance and other one-stop solutions.

UHF/VHF Ground System

UHF/VHF Ground System
  • High bandwidth, multi-band design
    The system adopts Yagi antenna to achieve left and right circular polarization. The working frequency band adopts ultra-wideband design. The antenna gain is high and can be customized according to user needs.
  • Automated operation of multiple tracking modes
    With standby, manual, program guide, TLE guide, collection and other working modes;
    With remote management capability, remote operation and fully automatic operation can be realized.
  • Self-developed UV comprehensive TT&C baseband
    Using the self-developed UHF/VHF integrated TT&C baseband, it can complete TT&C tasks such as remote control, telemetry, data injection, and low bit rate data reception. It has the characteristics of multiple modulation and demodulation modes, high stability and high reliability.
  • Modular assembly of various equipment forms
    Using modular design, all modules can be disassembled independently;
    There is also a portable/movable device form, which has the characteristics of high integration, portability, mobility, and flexibility, and can meet the needs of temporary and emergency tasks.
  • Easy to use and wide range of use
    Widely used in popular science, civil, aviation, public safety, police and emergency disaster management and other fields.


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