To provide satellite users with a variety of life cycle, flexible mode of in-orbit management services.

Aerospace Engineering Consulting Services

Aerospace TT&C solution consulting

  • Satellite and constellation TT&C solutions
  • Rocket TT&C solutions
  • Aerospace vehicle TT&C solutions
  • Satellite payload data receiving and processing solutions
  • Solutions for the planning and construction of the TT&C center
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Frequency planning analysis

  • Analyze the frequency requirements of the satellite system
  • Analyze the compliance and constraints of the frequency of the satellite to be applied
  • Analyze the frequency coordination situation and compatibility measures to be applieed
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Frequency application

  • According to the satellite frequency application requirements, customize the design application materials
  • Provide satellite network database preparation and submission services
  • Satellite network data coordination technical support
  • Satellite frequency recovery service
  • Technical support for satellite network ground station licenses, space station licenses and frequency permits
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Design and demonstration optimization of satellite preliminary research

  • Carry out the propeller loading quality adaptation demonstration in combination with the payload task
  • Carry out platform component adaptation demonstration in combination with payload tasks
  • Carry out the optimization demonstration of the orbit control task design in combination with the payload task
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Typical Cases


Typical Cases of Satellite TT&C

Typical Cases of Satellite TT&C

In 2016, the first commercial measurement and control in China! Emposat uses its own UHF/VHF TT&C equipment to provide TT&C services for the "August 1st Youth Travel" popular science satellite.


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