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Financing | Continuing to lead the field of commercial satellite in-orbit transportation management, Emposat completed nearly 200 million yuan in Pre-B round financing

Recently, the global spacecraft on-orbit operation management integrated service provider "Space Control Star" completed the Pre-B round of financing of nearly 0.2 billion yuan , this round of financing by Zhongguancun Science City led investment, Houji Capital, Jinsha River Hongyu Capital, Taicang Port Hongrun Capital, Taiyue Wutong Capital, Jundu Investment and other follow-up investment.


Emposat escorted Ceres-1 Y-3 carrier rocket "flying nine days"

As a commercial measurement and control unit, Haidian Enterprise Aerospace Yuxing exclusively provides full-process measurement and control services for Ceres -1 remote three launch vehicles.


Emposat provided full-process TT&C services for Ceres-1 Y3 rocket

Emposat, as the overall commercial measurement and control unit, has provided measurement and control services for the Ceres 1 carrier rocket for the third time.


Aerospace entrepreneurs born in the 1980s chasing their dreams in the space

"Thanks to Zhongwei city. This award is not only an encouragement, but also the driving force for me to cultivate Zhongwei. I hope that in the wave of commercial aerospace development in the world, I can win more opportunities for Chinese companies." Zhao Lei said.


Zhongwei Remote Sensing Satellite Calibration Field won the attention of academicians and CPPCC members again in the National Two Sessions!

Promoting the construction of Ningxia Zhongwei Remote Sensing Satellite Calibration and Authenticity Inspection Field will help strengthen the country's space infrastructure and promote the development and upgrading of the calibration field to automation, integration, and sharing.

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