Adhere to the principle of working hard with one heart and one road, market orientation, sharing and growing together.

Adhere to the principle of working hard with one heart and one road, market orientation, sharing and growing together.



League building style
League building style
League building style
Yu Xing's Elegance
Yu Xing's Elegance
Yu Xing's Elegance


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Marketing Manager



Beijing, Shanghai

Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the business development and cooperation of aerospace software and hardware products, explore existing customer cooperation opportunities and develop new customers and partners, promote the landing of products, solutions and business cooperation, and achieve business targets.

2. Explore and evaluate business opportunities through multiple channels, establish cooperative relations with customers, be responsible for maintaining the relationship of customers throughout the project cycle, and mobilize various resources to promote the progress of cooperation.

3. Based on the company's technology, products, resources, etc., combined with customer needs, cooperate with the project manager to complete the cooperation and promotion.

4. Coordinate the company's internal resources, communicate and collaborate across departments, promote project implementation and improve customer satisfaction.

Job Requirements

1. At least one year's sales experience in aerospace and communication equipment and related industries, with practical operation experience in large-scale projects and strategic cooperation preferred;

2. Independent and pioneering spirit, strong self-drive and initiative, goal-driven;

3. Excellent understanding, communication and business negotiation skills, empathy;

4. Customer-centered thinking and innovative consciousness;

5. Good team spirit;

6. Some project management experience is preferred.


Salary Bonus, Monthly Comprehensive Salary 15000-30000

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R&D Management Trainee



Beijing, Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Xi'an

Job Responsibilities

1. Senior management teaching: high salary guarantee, senior management teaching in person;

2. Rapid growth: 1-2 years to become the backbone, 3-5 years to build an excellent manager with overall view, innovation and change spirit;

3. Multi-dimensional training platform: multi-dimensional training of Yu Xing College and learning and training camp;

4. Super Daniel Team: Most of the team members come from famous universities at home and abroad, such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Tiancheng University, Beihang University, Harbin Engineering and so on.

Training Direction: Technical Route/Management Route


1. 2024 undergraduate and master graduates, science and engineering related majors, 211/985 and other key universities are preferred;

2. Possess solid technical theoretical knowledge, certain technical expertise, and in-depth understanding and practical application of a certain type of technology;

3. Have strong global awareness, problem-solving ability and project promotion awareness;

4. Have a clear understanding of the development of the industry and have certain commercial sensitivity;

5. Strong self-drive, strong toughness, quick thinking and insight.

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Product Manager




Job Responsibilities

1. Create standardized products and solutions based on the company's strategic direction, and actively promote the landing of team capabilities in various fields;

2. Be independently responsible for product planning, requirements assessment, and coordinate with the design team and development team to promote product development;

3. Propose product development roadmap and functional requirements to the management to provide data basis for decision-making;

4. Continuously pay attention to the competition dynamics and industry development, and can quickly complete industry research and competition analysis;

5. Be responsible for the pre-sales plan writing, product design and delivery of software projects;

6. Be responsible for bidding.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above in relevant major;

2.3 years working experience as an Internet product manager, with strong interest in product transformation of new technologies;

3. Proficient in using product prototype tools;

4. Good logic and expression ability, good at coordinating, organizing and integrating resources across departments, and promoting project implementation;

5. Strong market acumen, in-depth understanding of cloud services, aerospace and other industries, and high learning enthusiasm;

6. Familiar with software project management process and specific software system delivery experience;

7. Good communication, able to deeply explore user needs and write solutions.

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Construction Engineer




Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the equipment installation, installation and integration of satellite ground station hardware equipment.

2. Be responsible for cable connection and label making of satellite ground station, and draw wiring diagram and wiring list according to actual equipment and cable connection;

3. Be responsible for system coordination and testing after satellite ground station integration, and carry out the test and output the test results according to the test outline;

4. Be responsible for organizing the on-site integration implementation and on-site problem coordination according to the project schedule to ensure the timely delivery of the project;

5. Cooperate with the designer to complete the positioning and handling of the satellite ground station equipment failure.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics, communication or mechanical and electrical engineering, experience in ground station construction is preferred;

2. Have certain learning ability, be able to quickly learn and master new knowledge and skills of the post;

3. Work carefully, have a sense of responsibility, strong execution, good team cooperation, good interpersonal and language skills;

4. Obey the company's arrangement and be able to accept business trips and field work;

5. Proficient in using office software.

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Welfare treatment

People-oriented, talent-based, common achievement

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Five insurances and one fund, legal holiday
subsidy: transportation, telephone fee, meal fee
holiday benefits, sympathy gift
employee physical examination, supplementary medical insurance

Employee care

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New Employees Integrate into Management
Professional Training System
Group Building Activities, Birthday Party
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